Monday, 4 July 2016

i'm alive!

Hello! If you are reading this, I congratulate you for your sisu (spirit, perseverance). I have let this blog be for over a year. And I don't have immediate plans to bring it back to life. Blogging has been pretty much my only medium of social media for a long time, as a photographer and as a person of the modern world, and I'm on my way to fix that

I have a website -
It works as my portfolio and a more serious public image. Some of the stuff there is old and you will have seen it, but right at the top there are brand new still life images of Kalevala jewellery that never saw the light of this blog.

For this summer I have a pumpkin project on Facebook -
It's a light-hearted project during which I grow a giant pumpkin and share my photography

I just started out at Instagram
The Instagram follows the pumpkin theme

At the moment I'm busy with all the new things: learning how they work, why people use them, and finding my way of using them. I have all the reason to believe that I will blog again, too. I love writing down thoughts and ideas, whether the texts are published or not. After all this time my head is still a mess concerning photography, and thus these simpler media work better for me now. And, regardless of the mess, I am still writing. It's just not going anywhere, for the eyes of others, yet.

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