Saturday, 21 March 2015

weird stuff

I'm in the middle of a huge weird thing of confusion and change right now. I'm learning - fast - a lot of new things, new ways of doing things, and more importantly, new ways of thinking about things. And new ways of seeing things, too. I haven't photographed anything out of pure personal gain since... since I got here in the autumn. I feel like I don't know what I would photograph, because I'm overthinking everything, and man, that's some weird stuff.
I suppose this is a good thing, this learning process, and I hope it will never stop, as much as that is a cliché. I enjoy thinking about these things I'm thinking about, and I enjoy the feeling of trying to make progress, despite the fact that I'm overdoing it.

Things are going to change. Things are already changing inside my head, I hope, but the changes will eventually affect my work - and this blog. I will make this blog into something more functional, along other media of expressing my thoughts, so that I can leave the endless self-criticism to myself and uni, and make this blog into the thing I need, instead of what I feel like it should be based on what it has been so far.

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