Saturday, 28 February 2015

life in a jar

We've had a really cool still life project going on at uni. To be honest, before this project I thought that still life couldn't be anything more than drawing a jug and some apples in a bowl, and I never knew I could be this excited for photographing objects! For me this was one of the most thrilling things we've done at uni (another one being the octopus picture).
The brief for this one was to create an autobiographical composite image. It wasn't the easiest of briefs, but I enjoyed thinking about and photographing this. Also, this was one of my first real touches to using Photoshop along with another still life - a recreation one - that I would love to publish, but I need to figure out how to deal with recreations properly first.

Now, after still life, we're starting a project with portraits in film!

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