Sunday, 7 December 2014

white eyelashes are cool

A new self-portrait! And another! I am so shocked I don't really know what to say! Perhaps that is because it of course isn't very shocking or surprising but quite the opposite. I recently took a look at my Flickr photostream and I couldn't but laugh a little when I saw how many of my 15 newest photos are self-portraits.

Our final project for this semester was to remake 5 images that inspired us. These two are not any of those. (I would very much like to publish them but I still have to figure out how the copyright thing works.) Instead, one of the remakes involved face paints and window light in solitude of my room, and I got inspired especially by the white paint (probably because of Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series), and when I was finished, I washed off what I had painted for the remake and started playing.
I had my setting ready from the previous shoot: my chair on my bed to support my black sheet as the background, me sitting on my bed with a remote control wired to the camera and the camera wired to the computer on which a tethered shoot in Lightroom. This solved the problem of getting off the bed to go behind the camera to see the pictures, and the problem of not noticing incorrect focusing. And oh boy, getting the focus right was hard. I have come to dislike noses a lot because of that shoot as they tend to steal all the attention.

Despite of the disadvantages of taking self-portraits, sometimes I really do like being just by myself. I don't have to please anybody else, I only need to focus on what I do, I have all the time in the world and I have nobody else to let down but myself. One of the reasons I like photography is that I can interact with my subjects, but also there's something magical in exploring alone, it's a bit of healthy me time (opposed to Facebook or general procrastination on computer).

I was just randomly playing around, but I guess I subconsciously went for an appropriate-ish theme with both looks: a frostbite traveller and a catatonic clown-like something. (For those of you who don't get to those temperatures: when it's as cold as -20 degrees celsius, the vapour from your breath does sometimes freeze on your eyelashes and eyebrows.) Lately I've thought about the purposiveness of photography a lot (without coming to a conclusion so far) and in my own work I seem to have judged a photo to not to have had a purpose unless I wrote the purpose down on paper. That of course is not the definition of a suitable purpose, but I'm going to think about this more later and finish wrapping some Christmas presents!

When I was finished with the shoot, I didn't want to wash my cool paint off right away so I started to cook and forgot I didn't have the cream I needed so I went to a nearby Sainsbury's with white lines on my face. I'm still not quite sure if you're expected to blend in the crowd more in this country than at home, but at least I didn't get arrested.

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