Saturday, 22 November 2014

embrace the accidents!

A brilliant accident occurred once more. This time we had a lighting workshop and I wanted to try long exposure with a flash, but the flash didn't fire. I'm glad it didn't.

These accidents keep occurring. I mean, of course they do, accidents are part of exploring and I'm happy they are, because they are sometimes brilliant, like this one. I do, however, feel bad when I'm not in control of the accident, and can't recreate it, because it makes me feel like the picture isn't the product of my efforts, I just happened to be there and happened to press a button.
But maybe I should just accept that these things happen (at least now that my technical skills aren't very sophisticated yet) and enjoy them. I guess it's hard to fight back when your opponent is something as random and unpredictable (and nice) as (nice) accidents are. And after all, accidents are an inevitable part of life, and one of the reasons I love photography is its profound link to reality.

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