Saturday, 12 July 2014


These are the very first graduation photos I have ever taken, and I'm happy that they turned out to be fine. I was anxious because of the brutal sunlight of the super sunny day, but the green and the wooden stuff out there helped a lot with that.
Alexander gave me a lot of freedom with the "artistic execution", but it was a new experience to photograph for somebody else's needs. It was the first time that I actually could disappoint another person if I didn't do well enough, and that sure did motivate me to do better especially with Lightroom. It was refreshing to have to think about the process from a new point of view, but I think I still concentrated too much on things like the background rather than the whole photo and its purpose. Practice makes perfect, right?

(I'll clear my head and then I might be able to produce more than one sentence at a time about the topic. So, more about that later.)

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