Sunday, 29 June 2014


For the whole June I've been seriously busy doing absolutely nothing. Even though I pretty quickly understood that after the exams I don't have to feel the weight of school stress on my shoulders any more, getting used to this freedom has been a rather extraordinary experience.
One might think that "busy doing nothing" means the opposite of being busy, of course, but it doesn't. I haven't accomplished much during this month, even things I can't wait to start with. Going back from "constant stress" to "life" is much, much harder than I thought it would be.

One week from now is a day I fear. That day, the things (IB results) that are revealed then, will determine a part of my future.
So yay, here are some (partly really bad) scanned film prints because I am determined to learn the use of film as a part of my actual personal projects rather than just snap shots of some random things I have done. And it seems that some of them are from events I've told you about.

Photo by Henna

Photo by Henna

And here's one more: a random, weird shot that I am very happy about. If you try hard, you can see my face three times. And the great thing about this shot is that it was a total accident.

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