Monday, 26 May 2014

pink hair and syrup

Once upon a time it was a surprisingly sunny Sunday, and what did I do on that particular Sunday? I sat on a lump of cloth, played with honey, flour and face paints, and used those to dye my hair pink with my best friend. Unfortunately it's quite easy to guess that we did all that for a photo shoot.

This is another photo I created for the photo series describing an event, the first one presented in the previous post. I would never have succeeded without help: the syrup was unbelievably sticky and extraordinarily eww.
Whereas the first photo was about the dull despair of the endless amount of the stuff I'd have to study and learn, this photo describes an emotional roller coaster: the week wasn't just dull despair, it was also very active despair and frustration as well as hysteria (in a kind of a positive way) and joy.

I felt this to be a more challenging photo, as my plan required quite a bit more of manipulation than just of the crop and the colours. Also, I'd have to manage to try to express emotions in an exaggerated but not overly pretentious way.
When we started, I had no clear picture of what I was aiming for and absolutely no knowledge about how the face paint and honey (with flour) with work on my hair. Well, for starters, the flour and the honey were a catastrophe. Overall it was hilarious. Because I had not planned the facial expressions very carefully, I tried all kinds of things with the majority being just for fun. And we did have fun. At some point I laughed almost so hard that I thought that I'd die. I mean, I laughed so hard that it actually became uncomfortable, but I couldn't stop. It was hysterical, just like it should have been to get the right kind of photos.

I was quite pleased with the result, though it required many hours of work and some accidents to guide me. This process was clearly out of my comfort zone, and because it is also not conforming to my style, the photo feels rather distant to me. The colours are not what I'm used to, similarly to the strong facial expressions. These are not necessarily bad things, but still, this photo feels like a good idea that is only half way there in the execution.
Here are a couple of photos that have not been touched with Lightroom or Gimp, reflecting the situation, though from these you can't feel how yucky and funny it felt when the syrup was slowly running down my face and neck.
Try it. I can guarantee a new and exciting experience. Please don't put it in your eyes. I'd say mouth is okay.


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