Saturday, 3 May 2014

anni of pine cones

Hello again! Life has been quite hectic recently, and that's still not going to change until a couple of weeks from now when the final exams of IB diploma programme end. (I'll have my first exam on Monday.)
It's totally weird to be so excited and afraid of the near future. I'm so happy to let go of the source of endless anxiety for just a while even, but before that I really have to take part in the exams and ace everything. And to be honest, right now I don't feel like acing math and physics.

Nearly a month ago I was asked a question: "What kind of novels would you choose if somebody were to buy them for you?" I knew what I wanted to give as an answer, and that's what I told them, but I also had to say that I can't remember when I last touched a book that didn't have anything to do with school.
That's when I again realised that I have given up a lot of things for school, not just novels but also sports, photography, blogging, hanging out with friends and enjoying things in general. Now it feels liberating, exciting and also weird to be soon able to slowly start living again.

To celebrate my hibernation (or rather its coming-to-an-end) I am presenting photos that were taken during the last days of last year.

Even though it's been a while since taking these, I still haven't quite figured out why I'm not confident about these photos. I like the elements of the setting and Anni performed beautifully in spite of my messy and poor guidance. However, the photos were taken in a poor lighting (I really should stop using reading lamps) and the ended up being flat. I'm just not yet sure what I should have done better, which is why I feel weird about these.

I really do like the setting; the pine cones, the golden whatever-they-are and Anni's gaze, for that matter. Maybe it would be good practice to try to recreate the setting with some essential improvements to the execution.

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