Thursday, 3 April 2014


For a couple of years my friends and I have had a Pumpkin Feast (food, a pumpkin, candles and deep gratitude for the existence of the Harry Potter novels) instead of a "traditional" Halloween. In Finnish homes it is not particularly easy to imagine being in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, so we have had to make a dramatic but relatively simple change by decoration. The most important factors in this are candles and frost blankets, hallaharso.
At every Pumpkin Feast we have covered the roof by frost blankets, maybe not creating a Hogwarts-like atmosphere but definitely increasing the magical feeling. For a long time I have longed to have a photo shoot with frost blankets and candles, and so Aino and I did it.

I like eyes. Eyes are pretty and looking at something, someone or somewhere particularly is an effective way of creating meaning - as well as covering the eyes is. I would say that usually covering a part of the body that is essential for identifying the person and/or emotion (such as eyes) leads to anonymity or silencing the person. Anonymity I find handy, but I want to be very careful with silencing because of the belittling effect of it.
I like this photo very much because it's neither anonymous nor belittling, but quite the opposite: Aino succeeded very well in creating an atmosphere or power even though her eyes cannot be seen at all, and that's what makes the photo what it is. (Though also the frost blanket worked just as beautifully as I imagined it to.)


As we are still young and hold our lives dear, we didn't use candles and fire but Christmas lights instead. Here you can see our setting which is super-professional once again:

One day of school left!

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