Saturday, 15 March 2014


For quite a while I've done very little else in terms of photography but personal work, so it was quite refreshing and educating to take my camera with me on Valentine's day since that was also vanhojen päivä, the day when the second-years become the oldest students in their high schools (except these guys are not the oldest until the 4th of April when we finally leave the school).
This glorious day is celebrated with beautiful dresses, gorgeous suits and a dance.

I didn't prepare my camera bag very well for the dance and as I am not very experienced event photographer, my photos from the actual dance didn't end up being particularly world-shaking. However, what I enjoyed more was taking portraits for the dancers. I really like that big, round window.



Here are a couple of extra photos and gifs from the dance.

Just a few more deadlines left and then all that remains are the last of the mock exams and then the final exams!

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