Thursday, 13 February 2014

hello winter!

Once upon a time during the night it snowed. In the morning the people of Oulu woke up into this white land from a fairy tale, and I would have felt so much guilt over not perpetuating this magical view so naturally I clothed myself with a dress, a cloak and a scarf and spent two hours in the cold by myself.
Just like playing with artificial blood, cold and snow are something that I should not try to photograph alone if I intend to do the modelling myself as well. Not just that I didn't get my remote controller to work but I got snow in the back of my neck more than once when running away from the camera during the 10 seconds it waited for me to settle in front of it. Next time I wish to at least be able to focus the camera on to the subject rather somewhere where I planned to run very soon.

These photos are better than I expected to get when I was still shooting, but back then I wished that I had practised doing stuff in front of the camera and now again I have to agree. I still can't get rid of the feeling that I would love to be the model and the photographer simultaneously, to get better photos and to really get a better understanding of how to guide models to get better photos.

Maybe some of you noticed that this is the same dress as in this photo shoot I did with Aino, and it was originally bought for swimming. I am very glad to tell you that it cost me about 5 euros. Actually it's not just the dress that I bought second hand but the scarf, pendant and the cloak as well. I'm rather fond of buying clothes that are now new first of all because of their fair price and also I feel that that way I can get more variety into my closet.
I wish I could say "hello winter", but I haven't seen real winter in months. I'm really happy that I chose to go to shoot that day.


  1. These are truly magical. And I can really identify with what you wrote about being model and photographer at the same time. :)

    1. Thank you, again! It's reassuring to hear about others feeling the same way :>