Thursday, 30 January 2014

who are you in your dreams?

For you who live or will be visiting in Oulu: Nämä valokuvani ja niiden tueksi tekemäni portfolio ovat esille kuvataiteen lukiodiplomityönäyttelyssä, jonka avajaiset ovat ensi keskiviikkona 5.2. Oulun Valveella (Hallituskatu 7). Käykää vilkaisemassa!

This photo series has been the longest and the most challenging project for me so far. I had never before done anything like this, as in technique or magnitude, but here we are now.

This photo series is my (Finnish high school) arts diploma work. Kuvataiteen lukiodiplomityö. As our IB school doesn't offer any sorts of arts as a subject or even a single course, I decided to compliment my university application with something assessed.
I have written a full, descriptive portfolio about this project, and I can share an electronic version with anybody who wants to take a look at it. The portfolio includes my ideas behind this work, my thoughts about dreams, shortly something about dreams in visual arts, the working process and reflection and evaluation of the work, quite a bit more in detail and depth than what I've usually presented here. Shortly, I think I chose a very good topic, but I don't think I yet have the skills for photographic presentation of such serious and deep ideas. However I am rather proud of myself as it was quite a big project and I made it through, and even got a very good grade to support my university applications.

The photographs and a physical version of the portfolio will be at Valve (Oulu) in the exhibition of the diploma works of other students, and it is the first time my photographs have been visible for the public in print.
Shortly, again, my work asks a question: how far is a human being willing to go for the sake of dreams?
For further information from me, I advice you to ask questions or the link for the portfolio.



The university applications have been sent, mini-portfolios and all. Now all there is to do is to study... and wait.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

on paper!

The thing on the previous post for those of you who read Finnish was that my photography has been featured on the local newspaper Kaleva! Yay! To be honest, I wrote the article myself, so it may not be as grand as I first made it seem like. However, I'm really happy. The orange photo looks amazing on print (too)! Not that most of you could read it anyway, but the link below leads to the internet version of the article.
Tämän päivän Kalevan Patteri-sivulla (sivu K23) on juttu minun valokuvausharrastuksestani! Totta puhuen olen kirjoittanut jutun itse, mutta minusta se on aika hurjaa silti! Varsinkin tuo savukuva näyttää tosi hyvältä printattuna! Tässä on vielä linkki jutun nettiversioon:

Friday, 3 January 2014

you there, in the dark

 First of all: happy new year celebration of Sherlock's return! Secondly, for those of you who read Finnish: Kurkkaa sunnuntain Kalevan Patteri-sivu! Sieltä löytyy tuttuja kuvia ja nimiä! Julkaisen linkin artikkelin nettiversioon, kunhan se ilmestyy.
Are there things we point the light at but refuse or do not want to see? Or is there someone who covers our eyes so that we do not even know there is something to see?
Darkness may seemingly provide safety to some of us.


With these super dramatic words I dare to ask a question: what to do when it is cold, wet and dark outside?
Stay in and play with candles, of course.

I like the fact that the seasons change, and I very much love the darkness that comes with winter. Light is nice but during summer I every year begin to miss the dark nights; the stars and the candles and all that. The darkness itself is also an interesting concept but it is too often linked to cold which I don't care so much.
Candles however are lovely and luckily Aino and I had a whole cottage to ourselves so we could have as much darkness around us as we wanted.

The thing in this photo however is not just the candles. I am very intrigued to paint skin, though usually it would involve patterns rather than filled in areas. I am not a very good painter and this time I started to think that the black paint ruined everything by looking badly made, but in the end it worked just perfectly.

I'm also not too experienced with video or gifs but as I already started with candles and magic, I shall show you some true magic: