Thursday, 26 December 2013

kata ja kataja

One night I experimented a little and this is what I got as a result.


I hope all of you have had the kind of Christmas you wanted! I have enjoyed myself, watched films and eaten chocolate... and I've finally had some time for new photography. I very very much like frost blankets with (electric) candles.

Now I shall return to my mystery project... 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

trench coat and the gigantic fish trap

In Tornio, Kukkolankoski, there is this pecuiliar piece of art. It is big (at least 10 meters long and 2 meters tall and wide) and made of branches alone. The shape is tube-like and it looks like a weird cage. We quite didn't know what it was, who put it there and why but we thought it looked nice and interesting so we parked our car, got out and took photos.

It was quite hard to make the scene look as interesting in the photos as it was really was. Also auto focus didn't work in the branchy setting so I failed some photos because of focusing by hand. The first one here however ended up looking so good that I am intending to put it in the university application.


Here are some additional photos with the trench coat that didn't end up too special, but I like the light in them.

In the end we decided that the pecuiliar thing might be intended to be a fish trap.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

there's no return

No return I

So, I cut my hair. From the length of 35 cm to 2 cm.
I can still remember the situation in which I got the idea: I was trying to study in our kitchen, but when I realised I could cut my hair, I couldn't concentrate on school things anymore but I caught myself from having stared 10 minutes out of the window thinking about hair instead of psychology. I had no idea if I was going to like the result or hate it, but the idea was so tempting that I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I had been very annoyed because of my longish, curly hair. It very rarely looked good and I didn't enjoy taking care of it.
I waited for a couple of weeks to see if I still liked the idea, and I never doubted one second. One night, then, I went to my friend Henna's place and in their bathroom I took the scissors and cut. Thank you, Henna, for excellent finishing.
No return II

Why, might somebody ask. Yes, I've been thinking about that myself too. Usually I've replied "because it seemed like a good idea" because I didn't know what to say and because it was true, but that's not all there is to it:
I wanted to cut my hair because I don't want my beauty to be determined by my hair. I want to be as beautiful without long hair as with it. I also don't want my hair to determine who I am, I wanted to prove that I look as much like myself with hair and without it, and not depending on if I have done my hair or not.
The result proved everything I wanted it to. I look just like me, maybe even more than before as there's no hair to hide my face. In my own opinion I even look better with short hair because "bad hair day" means something quite different now. It's just my face that determines me now, and those actions of mine that other people associate with my face. (Yeah sure there's clothes and jewellery but it's hair-talk now.)
I wanted it to not be a big deal, and in the end it wasn't.

Now, then, what am I going to do with my precious hair? I'm not going to throw it away, and apparently nobody wants to buy it or take it as a donation. Very much by accident I noticed that photographer Laura Makabresku announced on her tumblr that she collects hair. So, now that I've taken benefit from the hair myself, I want it to end up to somebody who finds use for it.
I am going to send my hair to Poland.