Sunday, 24 November 2013

lady red birch part II

When Magdaleena and I were shooting in the botanical gardens of Oulu university, we fist got photos that were beautiful and nice. They were okay. We then continued to another batch of the red birches, and by some magic unknown to me we started creating these shots below.
I don't know what happened, but the result totally amazed me. The light, the leaves and the branches suddenly started working perfectly, and the background too with the help of an umbrella. It wasn't easy as I had to work on manual focus but I am very pleased with the result. (I can't wait to shoot with Magda again!)
Often I feel uncomfortable when the photo shoot becomes successful due to some ambiguous factor that I have no idea of. I am of course happy that I got good photos, but I feel extremely unprofessional and powerless. The success feels like an accident.
I hope I will gain more skills to see what works and what doesn't simply by practise: shooting and evaluating my photos.
Of this set I prefer the two last ones, the 3rd photo for it's dynamics and the 4th at least for its successful editing (which is a terrible reason to like a photo, but I will not go any deeper into that this time) and the setting.

Even though these shots look rather autumnal, they were actually taken in the end of the summer. Today the nature took a whole new look again. To be honest I did feel quite cold when shooting for 2 hours.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

sonja and the look

 -- At the moment I am awfully busy with school work (that's not going to change very soon) and my university application as well as the (Finnish high school) arts diploma work (which I will discuss here too, eventually). Please take a look at my portfolio and tell me which 2 are the most interesting and which 2 least interesting! --

This photo was taken in the photography camp in the summer. For the whole camp I wanted to try artificial lighting (in addition to the street lamp in Jenny shots) and an opportunity that matched with my vision was given to me in a studio setting.
We were in a hurry so I didn't get to participate to setting up the lights as Sonja and I were busy with the hair and make-up which was exceptionally essential in this photo. I first got the idea when I saw a dead butterfly on the ground. I was also inspired by this photo.

The reason for publishing this photo so long after the camp is that I haven't felt very comfortable with the edit. Below is the photo straight from Lightroom and below that an additional edit I tried and didn't like. The one above is better than the two below but I'm not completely satisfied with the clouds either. I still wanted to get the photo out, not just leave it deep in my computer to rot for forever. Again, this is more like a diary of development rather than a show-off for perfectly commercial material.

I felt quite lost with the photo; it didn't feel finished with just the white background but I didn't know what to do with it. Usually I would have taken a photo like this outside in the nature and in that situation I never have to think about what to do with the background. (Maybe I should?)

I've been dreaming of a hair stylist and a make-up artist who would make my visions true better than I can. Maybe some day that'll happen!