Wednesday, 9 October 2013

lady red birch part I

When I visited the botanical gardens of Oulu University, I was rather sure I was going to have a photo shoot there some day. There are these lovely bridges and weird plants; there's a great variety of nice places for photos. What most delighted me were the red birches. Now they might easily be mistaken as a product of autumn but actually the leaves are red even in the summer when everything else is green.
Finnish summer is rather nice-looking but as a photographer I'm definitely not a fan of grass green and leaf green. They're too... joyful? usual? boring? This must be one of the reasons for why the red birches caught my eye.
So, red birches. Red is dramatic. Who would be adequate for a dramatic photo with the red birches? Magdaleena.

The birches weren't the only beautiful thing in the garden but we found other nice spots too:



You know, Magdaleena bought that dress for 6 euros. I sure love second hand clothing stores.