Thursday, 19 September 2013

girl in the lake

Aino and I got this idea in the summer, I guess. Back then it sounded so simple: Aino climbs down and swims a little and I shoot. At some point we understood the fact that it might be dangerous: the water is awfully cold. I can't thank Aino enough for being so brave. Another whole thing is that you can't even see that she's cold at all.
So, as it really was a little (or a little more) dangerous, we did prepare: first of all we didn't go alone and we had some of these with us. Yes, they were very colourful. And of course we had warm clothes and tea for Aino.

If somebody would ask, I'd tell them that it was an artistic choice but honestly I failed with all the photos. During the photo shoot I didn't notice anything (I should have checked and probably will in the future) but when I opened the photos on computer I saw that in each and every one of them the focus was on the rocks and not on Aino. I don't think I could have been any more disappointed (well maybe I could have but I don't want even to imagine such a situation). Every photo had a tiny bit of rock in the bottom like in the last shot here and in every photo the focus was there instead of Aino who was in the middle of the photo.
I was too busy shooting as much as I could when Aino was in the freezing water. I would have felt huge guilt for just browsing the photos when Aino was in the water. Now I ended up feeling even more guilt about not checking. Aino was in the cold water and I couldn't do even this one little thing right.
Now that I got these five out rather nicely I don't feel so bad. The fact still is that these could be sharp and there could be so many more of finished photos if I had done my job right in the photo shoot. I had to abandon many photos in which Aino had done very nicely.
I am still very disappointed but it could have been worse. It could have been that there wouldn't be a single photo to use. I'll just have to remember this in the future, especially when doing something as extreme as this.

It isn't cold so what now?

Having shot Aino in this magnificent lake-like thing I can't wait to do more with water. I've been dreaming of a camera that could be used underwater and I'd like to shoot with more control in a less extreme location like a swimming pool. Though this location had those awesome rocks, swimming pools don't have such things.

If you yet haven't noticed, here you can see the white dress in action. This is what it was bought for and I think it worked quite well.

Deep Down


With these shots I think I did quite good job in Lightroom. It's still relatively new thing to me to manipulate photos at all and now I've got the heaven of colour adjustment and the heal tool. Call me lazy but I open photos in Gimp (replacement for Photoshop) only in super extreme cases and I don't have too many of those. There's the Dream photo II that has the touch of Gimp on it and another one you haven't seen yet.
So, here's one of the photos after cropping and after colour adjustments but before heal tool. I'm not saying that the result (second photo) is professional looking but I'm proud of myself.

To still lighten up a little this tone of disappointment I can tell you that yesterday we bought artifical blood.


  1. Awesome! :) Rakastan tuota valoa, mekkoa ja muutenkin tuota värimaailmaa. Vaikea antaa mitään rakentavaa palautetta kun ei itse pystyisi edes samaan vaikka saman tyylinen idea on ollut mielessä jo pitkään. Mutta ehkä itse pysyn metsä ja lyhtyteemassa vielä hetken =)

    1. Kiitos! :> Mutta kuulepas Olli, samaan tai parempaan pystyy sillä että menee ja tekee. Kannattaa vaan kyllä miettiä joku paikka ja aika jossa malli ei jäädy kuoliaaksi. Niin tulee parempaa jälkeä ja kaikki on yleisesti ottaen iloisempia.
      Ja joo, mää olen vieläkin vähän yllättynyt siitä, että löysin tuon mekon. Mulla oli aika tarkasti tiedossa että millainen sen pitäisi olla, eikä kirppareilta yleensä löydy ainakaan sitä mitä sieltä menee hakemaan. Tuo on siis yhdestä Pelastusarmeijan myymälästä.

      Mutta jos ei vettä niin kyllä mää innolla odotan näkeväni lisää sun lyhtykuvia :>

    2. Again, magnificent! I read about how you were disappointed that the focus was on the rocks and not on 'Aino', but I can't see that. I am totally mesmerized by her beauty and how elegant and poetic she looks lying in the water. Thank you for this wonderful set.

    3. Thank you so much, Steve! That really means a lot to me. I mean, I really was very disappointed but also it seems that I successfully hid most of the attention stealing rocks :>

  2. MAHTAVA toi eka kuva!:)