Tuesday, 13 August 2013

dream photo II

On the last shooting day of the camp we drove to Atte's summer cottage - an amazing place with the cottage, a garden, a lake, normal forest, rock (big and smaller) and very neat forest which I chose to be the location of my photo shoot (though in the photo you can only see rock).
I guess the assignment surprised everybody: another dream photo. It wasn't the only surprise but we had to use balloons in the photo. That confused me a little, I wouldn't have chosen balloons for my dream photo shoot, but I didn't get stuck. I got an idea.
Even the balloons weren't the last surprise: we also had to use a smoke grenade. Unlike with the balloon, I couldn't have hoped for a better component!

Considering the whole camp this was the day when I best succeeded at working with a vision. It wasn't as clear as the shoe advertisement vision but it became clear enough and I didn't have to show too much uncertainty to my team. Luckily everything worked very well and I got a shot I actually could call something like a dream photo.

Dream Photo 2

This was the first time I got something productive done in Gimp. The whole camp was full of experienced and beginning photoshoppers so I had to try when I had people around me giving advice. I'm rather proud of myself though adding some smoke is probably quite easy in the photoshop scale.

Here is a behind the scenes type of a photo. In this you can see the string holding the balloon and how the smoke wasn't too easy to control. I guess I should add that the smoke also wasn't too pleasing to breathe so huge thanks to the whole brave team!

Where are you?
I'm going to have to order some more of those smoke granades, that's for sure.