Saturday, 24 August 2013

curtain, our dear friend

I often think about the stories in my photos: Where do they come from? Are there any?
There isn’t much I could relate with; I don’t know much about how other photographers' work on their stories and I don’t know how much I should try to learn from America’s Next Top Model. (If a right person reads this: this is an appeal of help for a proper photography tv show.)
I often see comments to other photographers about their great expressions of stories but usually it’s not anything that I could see in the photo. I don’t know how well I can see the story unconsciously but I don’t stop to think about a photo’s story when I see one. Maybe the most powerful photos do stop me but when they do I just don’t know why. This is something I really have to start working on: I don’t want to do "just pretty” shots for the rest of my life.
Though there’s another thing to this: how consciously have the stories in the great photographs been created? Have poets thought about everything people can read from their poems? I don’t think so. I don’t think I’d ever want to do a shoot in which I am in control of everything. This of course isn’t an excuse for why my photos might seem flat but I am not a person who will do preparations too far. I simply don’t work that way. I don’t yet know if this is a trait or a bad habit.
I should stop doing the thinking while I’m writing (because the text will be messy and weird and might not make sense due to sloppy writing) . This text would continue to perfectionism, obvious and subtle stories and who knows what else. I have written about this before and I have thought about this much more but I feel that I can’t handle the whole or finish the thought not to mention the text. Maybe writing is my way of processing thoughts?
I feel very incomplete. I feel that I don’t know what I’m doing or thinking or where I’m going. I often notice that I don’t know myself very well. But hey, isn’t that why I started this blog?
Enough of deep and troubling thoughts for today: here's something "just pretty" by which I here mean that there's no ideological background for these photos. We just wanted to play with the curtain and the sun and a reflector (in the last photo).




I promise: this is not the last time this particular curtain will be seen in my photos. Aino and I like it very much.


  1. Excellent pictures, especially the last one! Reminds me of the famous "Afghan girl" picture

    1. I find it difficult to reply to this. My reaction changes all the time: first it was just like "wow thanks for the compliment" and then when I googled "Afghan girl" I started to write "thank you, I hadn't heard about that photograph!" and now that I read a little about it I'm beginning to understand how big your compliment acutally is. Not that "reminding" would mean "makes me feel exactly like that photograph". Thank you, anyway, for the compliment and the reference. Now the list of The Things I Don't Know Even If I Should is one photograph shorter.