Friday, 19 July 2013

hidden by the light

The assignment for the second day of the photography camp (see my photo and read my thoughts about the first day here) was a movie poster or a promotional photo for a movie. Our group (= 2-4 photographers and a model) got the imaginary movie "Hidden by the Light". There were also others such as "The Lord of the Light" and "Alice in Lightland".
I sort of got an idea right away. It wasn't a ready idea, it was more like images, feelings and thoughts that didn't form one vision but they were separate. "How could you be hidden by the light if you couldn't see the light? Or the shadow", was one of the thoughts I had and as the thought became visual I wanted to cast a shadow of patterned cloth on the model's body.

I had had the idea of a shadow pattern on skin for a while and I must admit that I got the idea from America's Next Top Model: in the photo shoot they used things like tablecloths in between the sun and the model, like in this photo. My photo shoot worked pretty much the same way though we only had a dress, not a whole tablecloth.

Hidden by the Light

The resultant photo doesn't quite match with my vision but I like it very much anyway. We would have needed a tablecloth to implement my vision fully and we didn't have one. Luckily I had Sonja whose skills as a model compensated the lack of cloth quite nicely. Very nicely.
Sometimes it's hard for me to see why a particular photo is a good or a bad one. I don't like the dream photo too much because I feel that it's only a good photo because Erika did well in modeling and I didn't fail completely whereas this one I do like because I can very well see that both of us succeeded. Also this is the first photo with which I did magic in Lightroom.
In case you haven't noticed, I have updated the portfolio page! Also today I edited something that might get in there soon.