Friday, 12 July 2013

dream photo

On the first day of the NVK photography camp we explored style: what is my style, how can I find it and how would I describe it. Going through my favourites on Flickr I wrote down the things I like in the photos and appear often. I wrote down words like

warm colours
extraordinary positions

I also like the idea that light could be visible in the photo, not just a tool to bring out the subject. I can also see softness and girls. I also find that I don't need anything to be happening in the photos. If my style is and will be something like this, I'm pretty happy about it though I'm worried about that where do these things come from. Why do I like these particular photos and features? Is it what I really like or have I just seen photos like these too much? Do I dare to admit what I like? Do I want to like all of these things?
I'm afraid that I've seen too many tall and thin girls, too much certain kind of beauty. I don't necessarily want to have the traditional gender roles presented in my photos, but I'm not sure how to break it with taste. And I'm not even sure do I want to break the tradition, I'm just afraid of being bound by it.
Now that I have thought about what my style could be and can do conscious decisions about it, I'm not really sure where to take it. Each and every photo shoot is going to take my style forward as I stay on the bus. But which bus?

The assignment for the day was to create one's dream photo. It was a rather scary task to be the first one, but using the words I had written helped. Maybe I wouldn't call this the photo of my dreams because there's something in the photo that I don't like. It could be the 2-dimentional feeling, I don't really know, but for some reason I feel that only the model succeeded at this one.

Who is the photographer whose style you like the most?


  1. Hi,

    Might be you've already worked out these things, given that this is an old post but I decided to do it anyway. Let's start with.. I think there might be too much horizontality in roughly what is the upper half of the photo: the waterfront, that rusty line on the surface of the rock (and another white line below it) and the position of her hands. In addition to that, this photo has very dark colours in it, especially in the water that dominates the lower half (that water looks so treacherous and it's like on a moment's notice a bunch of tentacles is going to pull her under). This adds a lot of heaviness to the photo, also making it look rather monotonous. I'm sure this would have been more balanced colour-wise if the model's dress was a lighter colour. On the other hand, her dress seems to coalesce with the water in an interesting way...

    I really like the location, it must have been a very exciting photo session! (For those not getting soaked at least.)

    1. Hello, am I correct in assuming that you are the same person who very recently commented on "bottled fun"?
      I do not agree with all you say about this photo, for example about the horizontality, but the monotonous feeling is something I would have wanted to get rid of. This photo was created in sort of a rush, which I can use as an excuse for the poorly working dress. I didn't feel very confident when taking or editing this, but what I did end up liking is the oily water.
      Thank you for your comment, I hope I'll be hearing more about you soon!