Sunday, 23 June 2013

bottled fun

On Tuesday Aino and I thought about a nice idea for a photo shoot and I suggested a tea party in a swamp. So, on Wednesday evening we drove (I passed my driving test!) to Pilpasuo and had some very good time! I used my 50 mm 1.8 lens and I totally love it, and Aino too. These must be the best photographs I've ever taken and that makes me sad and super happy at the same time. Obviously I'm very happy and proud of myself and Aino for such good photos but now I also feel that all of my previous work is shit and I've got nothing to put in my portfolio except for maybe two photos from this shoot. Though I still think the photo I started this blog with is very good and that's definitely part of the portfolio.
As I feel like I have developed as a photographer in the actual photographing area these photos are also revolutionary in another aspect: I edited my photos for the first time. I downloaded the trial version of Lightroom and I like it very much. It's just that I am very unsure about the result. I know these look good, but I have no idea whether they could look even better. The thing is that when I look at a photo I get used to the colours and contrasts and all and can't think of improvements. I can see the difference when comparing the finished and the original photo but the finished photo is a result of trials and errors and not a realisation of a vision. I guess I'll just have to do this a lot more and I will start to see things, but now it feels very difficult and I would be glad to hear what you think.
Oh and if you haven't noticed yet I added a page for my portfolio draft and a link to my brand new Flickr page into the top bar!

Actually we never got to the tea party part and we have to do that one later. I am definitely going to use that bottle with the candle again.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

nelli in the woods

I'm not really sure why but of our two cats I photograph Nelli a lot more. And she's not even that kind of a cat who would be pleased to pose. She might look at me straight in the eyes but when I quickly take my camera her head turns right away and she doesn't look back however much I call for her.
Tiitus is very confident and beautiful whereas Nelli is cute and afraid. Thus Nelli is easier to photograph outside as she keeps close to our house.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

noble graveyard

My father took some garden waste to Rusko, and as I have had collected trash from the area (for money for school trip, and eventually we got to go to Riga) I knew that I should take the chance and go with him - and take my camera too.
I was in a hurry. I only had something like 15 minutes to spend there and it was sunny as hell so I couldn't see much of the screen of my camera. Now that I see the photos I think that I should have used some other angles and thought more about the right aperture.
Some of these are really impressive, but I think it's the same as with photos of hungry kids: people know that these things are there but they don't want to think about it.

The creepy thing is that that is exactly the kind of toothbrush I like to use. I mean it: when I have to buy a new one, I buy one of the same colour even.

Monday, 3 June 2013

bad wolf day 2013

We sort of started at eleven but really started working around one o'clock and finished by eight. It wasn't exactly fun all the time as it was pretty hard work and the sun made me feel sick but I'm quite proud of us. We did have a good time and I've never done anything this big before.

What should we do next year?