Friday, 31 May 2013

oxford and arundel

One of my favourite photographers just published photos from her trip to London, and I can't completely see what is the difference between her photos and mine. Now I do see that I should learn to process the colours more, but I still feel that my photos are ordinary and hers are focused. I could try to explain this to myself by that I didn't have much time to stop for the shot and think about it, but that is true only to some occasions.
We did shoot some of the same things, like flowers and buildings and the tube, so it's not that. She couldn't obviously have planned all the photos she took so it's not that either. I know she has better equipment but I don't think the quality of ther photos comes only from that. I guess she (obviously) has a better eye for beautiful and meaningful things, and I hope that's not a talent but a skill.

And here's one more from London:

These are the last photos from our UK-trip, and now that school has ended I have more time for doing the stuff I've planned. Anybody wants to model for me? I only require interest for doing cool stuff.

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