Friday, 17 May 2013

me and the bushes

Today was the first day of summer, truly. I took the advantage of the warmth of the late evening and went to shoot with the bushes. Also the first mosquitoes of the summer found their way into the party.
I played the model and the photographer, experimented with positions and bushes and tried not to be stung by the stinging nettle (and the mosquitoes) and failed. I had a good time. 

I sort of hate the green thing that can be seen in the second shot. Why does it have to exist? Why does it have to be in the background of my super sensitive photo?


  1. Hey Kata!

    Love your pictures :3. You have a good look for foresty mystical-type pictures. And I love your dress :D.

    How's IB going?


    1. Thank you, Nina :> IB's horrible. Or I'm doing horribly. I should be studying right now, and those photos shouldn't exist 'cause I should have studied during that time too.

  2. Kuvausympäristön häiritsevien yksityiskohtien poistaminen on taitolaji. Itse onnistun aina kuvauskeikoilla jättämään kameralaukun niin, että se pääsee mukaan kuviin. Monta vuoden lehtikuvaa on jo sillä onnistuttu failaamaan, enkä ikinä opi.