Sunday, 12 May 2013

darkroom day!

I've had the most amazing day. We started around ten, developing my black and white film. I was so excited and worried about it - what if it had gone wrong and all my photos were lost? Luckily we had a friend helping us so we weren't so lost at all and it was all good. The developing was successful.
Photographic printing was the fun part. Sometimes I just couldn't stand to wait the long seconds when the light sensitive paper was exposed to light with the film. It was so exciting to put the blank paper to the pool of liquid chemical and see the picture slowly appear after a while.
You can see from the scans that I'm no professional, but I'm very proud of myself and happy and excited and I want to do it again! I've used a darkroom once before, but then I had used an automatic film camera and the photos weren't that amazing. These are better.
So, these are the scans of the best processed negatives that are paper photographs now. I have not edited them so you can see that I was afraid of making them too dark so they are all quite pale. When I'll get my hands on a film scanner I'll scan the rest of the negatives and might publish some of those too.

I'll pretty soon load my camera with new film and I bet it now won't take half a year to finish it.