Sunday, 26 May 2013


Here comes Cambridge! I so regretted that I only took my 50 mm lens with me when we spent the whole day in the city. It was good for shooting people and .... well, that's about it when talking about a city tour. Photographing colleges and cathedrals with a 50 mm was a pain, and here you can see how few good photos of the buildings I got in the end.
I want to go to Cambridge again. It's not my university dream, but it is really pretty city, not too big. And yes it was sunny. It was sunny for the whole trip and I sure did burn my nose and cheeks on the first day already. The snowing on the first day back home seems so far away now.

 As we were enjoying the sunshine and the first days of our 7-day trip, the girl behind that window didn't seem so happy. I think she was studying.

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