Saturday, 4 May 2013

a friday in london

Hello you! It's been a while, and that while I spent in England. It was amazing. I don't know can you see it in the photos as they are mostly just travel photos from England, not that much the group and the good time and the fun we had. These portray friday the 26th which we spent in London. We had a Shakespeare workshop and in the evening we actually went to see The Tempest in the Globe. The play and the experience are something I cannot describe by using words. If you ever will have the chance, just go. Go go go.
On Friday we didn't really do much apart from the workshop and the play, because the play lasted for several hours and before that we did 3 hours of sitting in the queue. That was a great part of the fun, actually. Though I didn't stay in the queue for the whole time and got many of these photos as result. We were the first to enter the ground floor of the theatre and got to lean on the stage during the play. Before the show started I felt like I was in a concert of a band I love. That feeling stayed.
So, these photos are from the inside and outside of Shakespeare's Globe. Or rather they have been taken at the theatre as none of the outside photos actually show the theatre but the Millenium Bridge as an example.
  I really, really like this last shot. Tell me what you think about it!


  1. Hurjan miellyttäviä kuvia!

  2. Voi miten mahtavia tilannekuvia! Tykkään erityisesti tuosta toiseksi viimeisestä:-)

  3. Kiitokseni Mandille ja Sonjalle :>