Friday, 31 May 2013

oxford and arundel

One of my favourite photographers just published photos from her trip to London, and I can't completely see what is the difference between her photos and mine. Now I do see that I should learn to process the colours more, but I still feel that my photos are ordinary and hers are focused. I could try to explain this to myself by that I didn't have much time to stop for the shot and think about it, but that is true only to some occasions.
We did shoot some of the same things, like flowers and buildings and the tube, so it's not that. She couldn't obviously have planned all the photos she took so it's not that either. I know she has better equipment but I don't think the quality of ther photos comes only from that. I guess she (obviously) has a better eye for beautiful and meaningful things, and I hope that's not a talent but a skill.

And here's one more from London:

These are the last photos from our UK-trip, and now that school has ended I have more time for doing the stuff I've planned. Anybody wants to model for me? I only require interest for doing cool stuff.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

stripes of light

These are the last photos of the fairy tale series. I like these very much, and I think the weird eyes are definitely one reason for that.
I can't wait the exams to be over so that I would be free to do all the things I've been planning! This truly was the photo shoot that made me understand that even I can create (*) something that looks like this. Two days and I'm free.

(*) I do not think that I did it alone, but Anni being beautiful just wasn't a surprise for me at all.


 Happy birthday me!

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Here comes Cambridge! I so regretted that I only took my 50 mm lens with me when we spent the whole day in the city. It was good for shooting people and .... well, that's about it when talking about a city tour. Photographing colleges and cathedrals with a 50 mm was a pain, and here you can see how few good photos of the buildings I got in the end.
I want to go to Cambridge again. It's not my university dream, but it is really pretty city, not too big. And yes it was sunny. It was sunny for the whole trip and I sure did burn my nose and cheeks on the first day already. The snowing on the first day back home seems so far away now.

 As we were enjoying the sunshine and the first days of our 7-day trip, the girl behind that window didn't seem so happy. I think she was studying.

Friday, 24 May 2013

bit of english countryside

These are the days we visited White Horse Hill, Avebury, Stonehenge and Truleigh Hill. In terms of photography I preferred sheep over the stones at both henges, maybe because I felt too much like a tourist. Though I do have many photos of Stonehenge especially, but I feel that they have all been seen already.
Truleigh Hill was amazing. We went to see the sunset, which red and powerful and it was great to actually see the sun going down, or maybe I just imagined it. We also wanted to see the sunrise as the sunset was so beautiful. For the sunrise we woke up at 5:25, but it was very different to what I thought it'd be. It was pale and seemed very far away.


Only two exams and one week left!

Friday, 17 May 2013

me and the bushes

Today was the first day of summer, truly. I took the advantage of the warmth of the late evening and went to shoot with the bushes. Also the first mosquitoes of the summer found their way into the party.
I played the model and the photographer, experimented with positions and bushes and tried not to be stung by the stinging nettle (and the mosquitoes) and failed. I had a good time. 

I sort of hate the green thing that can be seen in the second shot. Why does it have to exist? Why does it have to be in the background of my super sensitive photo?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

darkroom day!

I've had the most amazing day. We started around ten, developing my black and white film. I was so excited and worried about it - what if it had gone wrong and all my photos were lost? Luckily we had a friend helping us so we weren't so lost at all and it was all good. The developing was successful.
Photographic printing was the fun part. Sometimes I just couldn't stand to wait the long seconds when the light sensitive paper was exposed to light with the film. It was so exciting to put the blank paper to the pool of liquid chemical and see the picture slowly appear after a while.
You can see from the scans that I'm no professional, but I'm very proud of myself and happy and excited and I want to do it again! I've used a darkroom once before, but then I had used an automatic film camera and the photos weren't that amazing. These are better.
So, these are the scans of the best processed negatives that are paper photographs now. I have not edited them so you can see that I was afraid of making them too dark so they are all quite pale. When I'll get my hands on a film scanner I'll scan the rest of the negatives and might publish some of those too.

I'll pretty soon load my camera with new film and I bet it now won't take half a year to finish it.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

what can pieces of sausage do

Yesteday we took my friend's dogs with us to the scout meeting. Only one child came, which was a shame as he has dogs at home too. I took both my Canon EOS 500d and Petri film camera with me. It was a huge success. When I first tried the settings in the evening light with my Canon, it appeared that I had no memory card. I was pretty embarassed, but I could check the ISO and the aperture and all with no problem. I took a few photos of the dogs running and then I ran out of film. How is that possible? When we visited the White Horse Hill (= absolutely amazing scenery if nothing else) in England, I left my bag in the buss in purpose but left also my extra battery in my bag and surprisingly ran out of battery right at top of the hill where I had no access to my bag.
Now that I think about it these have been pretty gentle warnings. At White Horse Hill I only lost some nice photos from the top of the hill and some sheep, and yesterday I actually found one memory card that I had accidentally left in my camera bag. (I had taken all of my memory cards with me to England. For both space and to be able to swhich between them in London so that if my camera got stolen I wouldn't lose everyting.) It could have been worse and I just hope I learnt something.
Yesterday I also got to know the assignment for the arts diploma of our national high school curriculum. (I'm doing the IB and we couldn't choose art.) When reading the document I instantly got an idea about the power structure of people in a space and a photograph, but looking closer at the grading criteria I can't do it the way I planned. I still have plenty of time so no need for panic.


On Sunday I'll get to develop my film myself in the only darkroom in the city that I am allowed to use (or if anybody knows another one, please tell me) and they're going to turn it into a storage space. They'll start on Monday.