Tuesday, 16 April 2013

zombie walk

Pretty regular view in my hometown. Oh, no, the tv camera reveals me. These are from zombie walk in 2011, and as it's an annual event it's a shame I missed the last one.
These represent my photography in the way that often I feel that I'm not that much skilled but what differenciates me from photographers not as good as me is that I do this and they don't. These zombie shots are not awesomely perfect, they are more like something that anybody could take, but it was me who went there and shot the special event. That's why these are special too.


I'm not that much of a princess type of person so I had to get this thing balanced somehow. Though even this event wasn't completely tulle free.
My favourite zombie is the one with the lens on his eye. Which one of these is yours?

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  1. Mä olin tossa kolmannessa kuvassa :> Jonna aproves ^^