Saturday, 20 April 2013


Yesterday I had my first juniper shoot. We had a (magic themed) scout camp and I escaped for 5 minutes to shoot the last rays of sunlight. It was gone very fast: I saw something nice, decided to shoot something even prettier first and one minute later the first scene was gone.
The sun is peculiar. Not any less in photographs.


Ripped leaves of mint and boiling water (and sugar) can end up looking like this:

Eventually I did get it drunk when it was still warm. I would have just burnt my tongue if I had tried to drink it hot so I was lucky to have my camera.


  1. I really love this post. The contrast between the first tree picture and the last one is amazing, and thinking that it was only 4 or 5 minutes between them...
    I'll write you tomorrow!

    1. For a while I didn't understand why some photos didn't look the same as others I took before and when I understood it was already too late. In a way the change was interesting, but I would have wanted to have more time with more sun.
      Thanks, and you do that!

  2. I looove these pics! The light is just perfect. Did you use photoshop this time or are they just naturally awesome? :D I love this blog.
    -mysteeri irkku hyyppä

    1. Oh no, no Photoshop, Gimp or anything else like that. Straight from the camera. I don't usually edit my photos, which has been criticised quite a lot. I should learn to do that. But thanks (senkin ihme mysteeriotus)!