Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Today we'll be off to UK! These photos are a good reminder about that I need to shoot more people when I'm out of the country. I'm still a little afraid of photographing strangers on the street because I don't know what they would think about it. If somebody would come to me and tell that he or she took a photo of me... I'd like that - or I wouldn't mind at least. Once in Helsinki a man told me that he had taken a photo of me when I was shooting people on a balcony of sorts.
I think these shots from Spain are only okay-nice. Most of them are kind of soulless though I like the second photo and the cat photo pretty much. I should have shot more people and that is what I'm going to do from this moment on. You'll see what I will end up with.


I've got 3 full batteries and about 30 GB of memory with me. That should be enough for one week even in England.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Yesterday I had my first juniper shoot. We had a (magic themed) scout camp and I escaped for 5 minutes to shoot the last rays of sunlight. It was gone very fast: I saw something nice, decided to shoot something even prettier first and one minute later the first scene was gone.
The sun is peculiar. Not any less in photographs.


Ripped leaves of mint and boiling water (and sugar) can end up looking like this:

Eventually I did get it drunk when it was still warm. I would have just burnt my tongue if I had tried to drink it hot so I was lucky to have my camera.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

zombie walk

Pretty regular view in my hometown. Oh, no, the tv camera reveals me. These are from zombie walk in 2011, and as it's an annual event it's a shame I missed the last one.
These represent my photography in the way that often I feel that I'm not that much skilled but what differenciates me from photographers not as good as me is that I do this and they don't. These zombie shots are not awesomely perfect, they are more like something that anybody could take, but it was me who went there and shot the special event. That's why these are special too.


I'm not that much of a princess type of person so I had to get this thing balanced somehow. Though even this event wasn't completely tulle free.
My favourite zombie is the one with the lens on his eye. Which one of these is yours?

Friday, 12 April 2013

the first raindrops

Yesterday my plans became true and I bought Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II! AF is crappy when it gets darker which is when I can't see either but that's only what I was promised and I truly got what I wanted. It's amazing.
Today was the first rainy (well it wasn't really that extreme, but it was water and not snow!) of the spring and I got excited and took these right outside of our house. These are just snapshots and play, and I can't wait to do something proper with my new lens!

Today in school someone said that it's only 12 days until we take off to UK! I might already know which lenses to take with me.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

the fairy tale part 2

A friend of mine pointed out that I should choose the pictures I publish more carefully. That's true, it would be even more effective considering my learning. I have to find a neat way to do that so that I make myself truly think about it. Nevertheless, here I want to publis the very best shots and a little more, so people could better picture my skills and limits and help me to develop (by telling me about it. I think I phrased it nicely on Tumblr: "I’m not asking for compliments; I want to develop and whether it’s compliments or critique in professional or intuitional form I don’t care. I just want to hear what you think.")
I know it's really not like that, I just spend too much time lingering on Blogger and Tumblr, doing not much anything important, but it can be said so that it sounds like a paradox: my school work suffers because I blog and photograph but I should do my school work very well to continue photography and blogging as I would want to. I should get both good school grades and portfolio shots to get to study photography. Because I'm so excited about photography especially at the moment (I don't know whether it's something that will pass or maybe it has come to stay!) that I'm very worried about my school grades and I should concentrate on that. The fact that I have spend one more hour on writing this messy thing and rechoosing the photos instead of just spending 5 minutes checking and publishing it doesn't quite help. Maybe I'll just end here. Enjoy.


I'm planning to buy Canon's EF 50mm F 1.8 II! I'm very excited and can't wait to try it.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

cakes and stuff

One of my friends turned 18 and we had a nice birthday party with lots of cakes and stuff. It's partly a little too private but I took some pretty shots that I want to share. I don't yet know what is the thing that I want to shoot most (probably something with people in it). Someday I want to do nice and proper (I'm not sure what that means, probably nice and proper within my style that I'll develop) portraits, but I also want to learn to shoot life. Maybe this was practice for that.


I've definitely got mixed feelings about smoking. Otherwise it doesn't make sense to me, but it just looks so good sometimes. I'm so facinated with all kinds of smoke, mist and steam... The dry ice and one of the Anni photo shoots are cool examples. Though this time I didn't catch much of the smoke but the coolest way ever to light up a cigarette.

Friday, 5 April 2013

the fairy tale: snow princess

The saga continues: a plot twist.
Like I said, we consulted Anni's enormous wardrobe and came up with quite different princess outfits. In these shots she wore three white skirts, three white tops, white tights and white furry socks. And that thing on her head.

These are necessarily not the best shots I've ever taken, but I would have felt weird if I hadn't shared these too, as this was part of our princess day anyway. Though the first one is great. And the last one is okay too. It's Lensbaby again.


As she lay on the cold wet snow I feel a little guilty that this is what I could make out of it though again this is not the end of the story and it begins here.