Saturday, 9 March 2013

warm ice

Most people living here in Finland might have noticed that it's cold winter now. What people should concentrate on is that now is the time of sunny winter days, time of the golden light.
Approximately one year ago I climbed (mom drove me) up a mountain in Northen Finland to see the lovely trees in there and this is what I ended up with.
I truly love the sun (when it doesn't shine in my eyes and hurt me). There's some magic to capture with the sun and the camera.
And yeah there were the trees too but their charm was nothing compared to the enchantment of the ice.


  1. Hei!
    It is great that you are writing this thing in English; when I saw the link to the blog I thought I wouldn't understand a word.
    I am not going to comment much because I am not an expert at all, so I cannot point out details to help you. Only general and subjective impressions.
    And one of these general impressions is that maybe you have been working too much on the "form" instead of thinking about the "content".
    Your pictures look great (I love the ice :D), and I'm sure that this is nothing compared to what you could get with a litle more work and some theorical knowledge. You were always saying that you weren't talented at all... Liar.
    The thing with photography is that """anyone""" who is in the right place, at the right time and with the right equipment can get a nice picture. The merit is not on the technical part (or not as much as might be in a painting, for example).
    The subject, what you want to say with the picture, is maybe more important than the picture itself. You should first think what you want to tell to the world, and then look for the right way to tell it.
    If not... well, you could end up being a "Windows-wallpaper photographer". That's how I see it right now.
    Good luck ;)

    1. Oh, thank you Wilfred! First of all because you actually commented and secondly because your comment has that sort of content that I had wished for (not that I would know which sort of comments I don't want, very precisely at least, so nobody worry about that). And what I now mean is that you said good and nice things but especially you told me something what I could do better. And I think your point is very good, thank you for that again. I've thought about that, having actual thought in my work, but I haven't done anything about it this far.
      And since I have so so so so many pictures altogether it seems sufficient that the good ones are sort of ... planned accidents ... kind of. Though I don't recognise myself in this blog saying that I couldn't photograph, I only know that I haven't boasted with my skills, that's for sure.
      You really made me happy; I think this is the best first comment I could wish for (now that I don't know of anything better)!