Friday, 8 March 2013

random vs. grouped

Here are some highly random pictures that I wanted to post only to get rid of the temptation to post them. Well that doesn't work, right?
In the very large mass of pictures taken a few months to several years ago there are some single and sometimes larger groups (though single doesn't fit in the definiton of group, does it) of good shots and I don't want them to rot away hidden from all eyes. These shots are truly very random, and when I look at similar posts in the wide world of the world wide web I don't have the consentration. That's why I don't really know what to do to pictures like these. It's easier and more rewarding for the reader to see a bunch of pictures that have something in common; pictures of a set (ooh, a mathematical term). As I like to see what edited pictures looked like originally (which doesn't happen too often), I like to see more of the setting. Together such pictures support each other and create something that a single one of them couldn't tell.
Hopefully there aren't too many temptations in my archive (there are). Though actually I could center the random shots (and others too) to tumblr at some point... but before such critical filtering I want to get this blog to work. Enjoy these shots*.
Oh and it seems that my promise about only few words was empty from the very beginning, so let's forget that altogether.

* At the moment it seems that there aren't very many people that enjoy any of my posts and it creates this pecuiliar feeling: it's like I was writing a private diary that I would just leave outside (in the rain) and there would be no doubt that it would remain untouched. (Fingers crossed: maybe some day there would be notes in between the pages of the diary...)

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