Friday, 22 March 2013

in the bus in the morning

Yesterday morning the sun looked weird again: it was just a light ball behind a thin layer of clouds and there was no problem in looking straight at it. I took the sun picture through the bus window and managed not to hit my camera on it too hard.
There was a cute person with cute ear muffs (which is a word that makes me think only herbology) in the bus right in front of me.

This I saw when I was in the bus and I had to walk back to get this shot (and a few others). I've been looking this scene many times and cursed that I don't have a camera with me and now I did and the sun started to shine during my bus ride so I just had to do it. Now I feel that maybe it looked nicer in reality than in my pictures but at least I've done it and from now on I can enjoy looking the beautiful scene.


I take the bus two times a day every day when I go to school and quite frequently (when I happen to be awake and have my eyes open) I see things that make me wish I had my camera.
Do you think my photos are only random shots that don't mean anything? I don't kow what to think anymore now that I've had to think about what sort of things I'm going to do for my appliance portfolio.


  1. Love the one in bus. I miss winter... Cool blog though, never actually checked it before. Only the tumblr pics. You're very good!