Sunday, 10 March 2013

candles part 1

This is one part of a school work that I did for a photography course (that sadly gave me little else but information about the history of photography which made me sleepy which is even sadder because I would have been eager to listen to such things).
Now that it's been pointed out that the content of photos should be considered, these shots are such that it's easier to imagine them to have content as there's a extiguished candle in front of an old family picture (that I bought from Riga). I might have had a real thought behind these shots but honestly I can't remember it anymore. I wish I would have a change to arrange something that I would get fresh photos out of but I should be doing school work now already. And it's quite vital for my potential photography studies that I survive IB honourably.
I like the last one the most. Even more I like the pictures of the other set.
I like candles.


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