Friday, 1 March 2013


I delayed the creation of this blog for too long, and now that I finally have it I want to keep it perfect. I promise: I won't let that happen. A perfect blog would mean an empty blog in my case. And since I am no writer and no native English speaker I'm going to proceed with as little words as I can - until I decide otherwise.

In between of all these letter I's I should maybe identify myself a little. To not to make this too long I just tell you that I'm a Finnish IB student that wants to do amazing photography stuff. I want to study photography in university in Scotland and for that I need to develop. This blog is for that development: I have to create such photos that dare to share in public and also: I want your feedback. I really do want your comments, critique, evaluations, encouragement.... everything. I want your intuition based comments and your professional opinions. I want to develop as a photographer and a human being. Please help me.


I shall begin with the photo that I am most proud of. I shall continue with whatever feels good at that point.

Thank you and I wish me all the best luck in this world. I'm going to need it (like many other people too, possibly).

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