Saturday, 30 March 2013

self-portrait: i don't know what to do with my life

I'll let the picture talk. Though if you have questions, just ask and I'll give the best answer I can.
I don't think I'm alone.

the fairy tale

Once upon a time me and my friend Anni wanted to have a photoshoot. We planned, we consulted Anni's enormous wardrobe and Anni sat on the snow. I started to shoot and I still cannot believe that this is what happened:

This fairy tale doesn't end here. Oh it certainly doesn't.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

the spring is coming!

Today Magda and I went to a lovely park to celebrate the temperature (at least almost) above zero and the sun melting the ice and the snow. We got snow in our shoes so maybe we also did our part in the melting.
I had some trouble with the sun eating all the colours away but it left some to us too. It's weird how sometimes the sun is almost like a lover (that's usually at sunset when the light is golden, orange and red) when it gives me wonderful shots if I only go and collect them and some other time I have to fight against it even if I need it. And oh yes some magic is there only when the sun is gone.
Today we truly did have sun.


Now that it's Easter holiday and we've got a few extra days off school Anni and I are going to do something neat! I've been waiting so much to get to shoot people again and now it's happening twice in a short time!

Monday, 25 March 2013

great infrastructure (for) fanaticism

I've never really done that many gifs, but I think they're cool. I'd like to do them more. The first one was for my final piece (a video) in junior high school, it's got a nice story behind it. The story has got sheep in it. It's called Matti, Liisa ja lampaat.
The second one is from our pumpkin party (I can't call it just halloween because it's kurpitsajuhla in Finnish!) where we had dry ice that was absolutely supercool. (Got it?) It's not supposed to be awfully brilliant art but the amazing thing was that it was real and you could bring it alive just with boiling (= hot, though the hotter the better) water.
The last giff is just a test. And I like candles in case someone has managed to miss hearing it this far.

Friday, 22 March 2013

in the bus in the morning

Yesterday morning the sun looked weird again: it was just a light ball behind a thin layer of clouds and there was no problem in looking straight at it. I took the sun picture through the bus window and managed not to hit my camera on it too hard.
There was a cute person with cute ear muffs (which is a word that makes me think only herbology) in the bus right in front of me.

This I saw when I was in the bus and I had to walk back to get this shot (and a few others). I've been looking this scene many times and cursed that I don't have a camera with me and now I did and the sun started to shine during my bus ride so I just had to do it. Now I feel that maybe it looked nicer in reality than in my pictures but at least I've done it and from now on I can enjoy looking the beautiful scene.


I take the bus two times a day every day when I go to school and quite frequently (when I happen to be awake and have my eyes open) I see things that make me wish I had my camera.
Do you think my photos are only random shots that don't mean anything? I don't kow what to think anymore now that I've had to think about what sort of things I'm going to do for my appliance portfolio.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

helsinki reflections!

Here are some photos from my Helsinki trip that took place on the previous weekend though the first four shots are from Oulu. 


And here goes Helsinki! 

And here me and the museum stickers in the train.

Monday, 18 March 2013

candles part 2

This is the other part of the school work that I mentioned previously, the second last picture being the one that got printed and stuff. Have I already mentioned that I like candles (and my friend who has many times consented to help me with getting a human in my photos).
 I'd like to do more this kind of more organised and planned stuff. I've got ideas about what I'd like to try - it's a nice list on a yellow piece of paper. I wish I didn't have to go to school (though I wish quite hard that my next school wouldn't be such that stops me from doing time consuming photography).

 I went to Helsinki for the weekend to see Cirque du Soleil which was simply amazing. Soon I'll put together some photos from that trip (not from the show) and some of them should be pretty cool. I like reflections (and soon I can collect a list of things all starting "I like..." from this blog).

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sininen kaappi / The Scenes

Here two gigs of one band that has two names which is one too much. The one that makes more sense internationally is the new and the official one. I'm afraid that they're soon becoming too popular to play in free happenings.
During the less dark gig it was raining and I was afraid of my camera getting wet and dying and during the dark one I was afraid of getting pushed from behind and killing the camera myself in the fall. Except from travelling that's maybe the most danger I've put my camera under - so far. I don't know if that's rationally keeping the camera safe or missing a mighty amount of good chances of great shots.
The little guy is not a member of the band.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

candles part 1

This is one part of a school work that I did for a photography course (that sadly gave me little else but information about the history of photography which made me sleepy which is even sadder because I would have been eager to listen to such things).
Now that it's been pointed out that the content of photos should be considered, these shots are such that it's easier to imagine them to have content as there's a extiguished candle in front of an old family picture (that I bought from Riga). I might have had a real thought behind these shots but honestly I can't remember it anymore. I wish I would have a change to arrange something that I would get fresh photos out of but I should be doing school work now already. And it's quite vital for my potential photography studies that I survive IB honourably.
I like the last one the most. Even more I like the pictures of the other set.
I like candles.